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The private edition of the Book is sent to recipients who can influence a wider discourse of the PEIS Plan. The PEIS Plan is a solitary thought exercise; to realize it into an actual peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians requires both a grassroots movement that demands consideration of the Plan by all involved governments and high-level recommendations to government decision-makers that there exists a path not taken that will resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict once and for all. This path will transform the narrative of the Middle East into one of permanent peace, neighborly friendship, and mutual prosperity.

The dates shown are the dates the print-on-demand books are ordered. In general, it will take the printing company 10 days to print the books and a few more days for the postal service to deliver them.

If there is a note, the private-edition book is further personalized with an additional page inserted on the front for the personal note, a unique identifier printed on the last page, and a single-use ISBN barcode in the back hardcover. Such a book is only produced once and never again.

U.S. Presidents

The following presidents have worked together on various occasions and appeared in public service announcements.

11/25/2023 Jimmy Carter Democrat The Carter Center note Email custom
11/26/2023 Bill Clinton Democrat The Clinton Foundation note Form custom
11/26/2023 George W. Bush Republican The Office of George W. Bush note Email custom
11/26/2023 Barack Obama Democrat The Office of Barack and Michelle Obama note Form custom

UN Ambassadors

The following UN ambassadors represent states that are mentioned in the PEIS Plan or could act as mediators.

11/27/2023 H.E. Dr. Riyad H. Mansour Palestine Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the UN Email
11/27/2023 H.E. Mr. Osama Mahmoud Abdelkhalek Mahmoud Egypt Permanent Mission of Egypt to the UN Email template
11/27/2023 H.E. Mr. Gilad Menashe Erdan Israel Permanent Mission of Israel to the UN Email
11/27/2023 H.E. Ms. Alya Ahmed Saif Al-Thani Qatar Permanent Mission of Qatar to the UN Email
11/27/2023 H.E. Mr. Sedat Önal Türkiye Permanent Mission of Türkiye to the UN Email
11/27/2023 H.E. Mrs. Linda Thomas-Greenfield USA United States Mission to the UN Form template