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The book A Frog-In-The-Well Solution - The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: How the PEIS Plan will resolve this conflict once and for all has been produced in three editions: Kindle, Public, and Custom.

EditionTypeRegular PriceDiscount Price
Kindle Kindle Select $4.75 $0.00
Public eBook $12.75 (check online)
Paperback $27.75 $17.75
Hardcover $37.75 $27.75
Custom Personalized $50.00
Private Not for sale


The Kindle edition can only be purchased on It is also a Kindle Select book, which allows a Kindle Unlimited subscriber to read it for free. The Kindle edition is also called the Nutshell book. It strips out the peripheral chapters of the Public edition and keeps only the core chapters. Its purpose is to expose more people to the PEIS Plan.


The public edition can be ordered directly from the publisher, purchased at online and physical bookstores, or borrowed at local libraries.

To have a bookstore carry the book, the author has to give a 51% margin to the booksellers. This margin is absent when you buy directly through the publisher, and the savings are passed to you through the discount price. However, while a bookseller usually carries inventory for quick deliveries, the publisher will print books on demand, which will cause your books to take longer to arrive.

Sometimes, bookstores run promotions on the book without the author's knowledge. Cycle through the major online bookstores listed below to check for delivery times and any discounts.


Publication: Early October, 2023


Publication: Mid October, 2023.
Perfect bound, gloss cover finish, black lettering on creme paper.


Publication: Early December, 2023
Jacketed case laminate, gloss cover finish, black lettering on creme paper.


A custom edition book is a hardcover book which contains a custom note printed inside and carries a not-for-sale ISBN barcode.


You upload a personalized note and specify the address of the recipient. A personalized book with that note on the first page will be printed on demand and delivered directly to the recipient.


These books have private notes from the author. They are given to supporters and sent to notable recipients.