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Non-Monetary Support

  1. Mention the PEIS Plan to all your acquaintances interested in peace in the Middle East or peace on earth.
  2. Sign the petition:
    Make the US government aware of the PEIS Plan to end the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  3. Use the following hashtags to spread the PEIS Plan solution in your social media postings:
  4. Follow Doc Ngu Words for new postings regarding the PEIS Plan:  
  5. Write a review about the PEIS Plan if you have read the book:  |  Barnes & Noble  |  |
  6. Contact your local library to purchase the book to spread the PEIS Plan idea to your community.

Monetary Support

  1. Donate to the marketing campaign to disseminate the PEIS Plan idea:
    PEIS Plan: Solution for Israel-Palestine Conflict
  2. Purchase the PEIS Book and write a review
    Use the coveted "Verified Purchase" status to review the book. The book's popularity is the best way to propagate the Plan to a reading audience.

Thank You