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Clip giving a synopsis of the PEIS Plan, to be re-used in e-mail correspondence:
The PEIS Plan stands for the Palestine-Egypt-Israel-Sinai peace plan. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is deemed the most intractable in the world because two peoples, the Israelis and Palestinians, fight for the same piece of land - the West Bank. Every one-state or two-state solution that sliced and diced that piece of land over eight decades has failed. The PEIS Plan takes a different approach: It introduces a new land. The PEIS Plan proposes that Egyptians sell the insurgent-infected part of the Sinai Peninsula to the Palestinians and use the proceeds for its stalled economy. The Palestinians sell the West Bank to Israel and use the remittance to pay the Egyptians and build an independent New Palestinian state that combines the purchased portion of Sinai with the Gaza Strip for a new country that is 50% bigger than Greater Israel, six times larger than the landlocked West Bank, contiguous from the Mediterranean Sea on the North to the Gulf of Aqaba on the South, free-standing with an unrestricted air space, and welcoming to the returning diaspora. Part of Jerusalem will belong to this new nation as its cultural capital. The Israelis buy the West Bank (minus the Jerusalem enclave) from the Palestinians and finally fulfill their immemorial yearning for the "Land of Israel" with full international recognition. There will be no expulsion of Palestinians out of the transferred West Bank: If they choose to stay, they will have New Palestinian citizenship and Israel's new native residency, which will give them all the local rights. Using the PEIS Plan as a template regarding Lebanon and Syria, Israel may gain something it has never known since its independence in 1948: peace with all its neighbors. The PEIS Plan is a groundbreaking three-state solution that can succeed because it gives its stakeholders the thing most dear to them: for the Egyptians, the finance for its pharaonic ambitions; for the Palestinians, a viable country; and for the Israelis, peace and Judea and Samaria. For more information, please visit the website for an overview of the PEIS Plan and the associated book.
My name is Doc Ngu. I am the author of the book "A Frog-In-The-Well Solution - The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: How the PEIS Plan will resolve the conflict once and for all". I write about novel solutions to some of the world's intractable issues. To contact me about the PEIS Plan, please use the information below or this Contact page.