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Correspondence to Dick Durbin

I sent a message to Senator Dick Durbin due to his being the senator from Illinois where I live, hoping to raise his awareness about the PEIS Plan. After a couple of days, I received a message back. It was a canned message extolling the voting record of the senator, with nary a mention to the PEIS Plan.

Message To Dick Durbin

Subject: The PEIS Plan, the path not taken in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Dear Senator:
I am forwarding you this letter submitted to the White House. I hope to get your additional support.

== cut here ==

The PEIS Plan is a path not taken in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Existing two-state or one-state proposals have failed because they try to slice and dice the same territory. The PEIS Plan solution is to introduce a new piece of land.

The PEIS Plan proposes that Egyptians sell part of the Sinai Peninsula to the Palestinians and use the proceeds for the economic development of the rest of Egypt. The Palestinians sell the West Bank to Israel and use the remittance to pay the Egyptians. They combine the purchased Sinai territory with the Gaza Strip to form a contiguous New Palestinian nation. The Israelis buy the West Bank from the Palestinians, and finally fulfill their immemorial yearning for the “Land of Israel.”

This piece of Sinai resolves all the intractable issues of the enduring conflict from the status of Jerusalem to the return of the Palestinian diaspora, and produces two countries, New Palestine and a new Israel, standing side by side in neighborly friendship. Israel may apply the PEIS Plan template to secure peace with Lebanon and Syria and get something it has never known since its inception: a country at peace with all its neighbors.

My recommendation to you, Mr. President, is to:

1) Have your administration quickly review the PEIS Plan
2) If merit is found, contact Israel to pause bombardments and delay incursion into Gaza
3) Invite Israel, the West Bank Palestinian Authority, and Egypt to quickly review the PEIS Plan
4) If merit is found again, have Israel cordon off Hamas in Gaza but allow humanitarian aid to go through
5) Declare the start of a formal PEIS Plan peace negotiation between the 3 parties under your auspices
6) Go from there

President Carter started the hopeful journey to peace with the 1978 Camp David Accords. If step 6 above results in a signed agreement, President Biden will go into history as the leader who brings this arduous journey to the happiest ending of all times - yes, peace in the Middle East. This includes Iran. With the Palestinian issue removed, all other Arab countries opening trade with Israel and New Palestine, and the whole Middle East focusing on prosperity, Iran will find itself alone and silly talking about nuclear weapons: It will join the party.

Your administration can review the intricate PEIS Plan at
 == end cut ==

Dear Senator:
If you see merit in the above submission, please introduce it to your connections.

Message from Dick Durbin

Senator Durbin's reply:
October 25, 2023

Dear Mr. Ngu:

          Thank you for contacting me about the recent attack on Israel by Hamas.  I appreciate hearing from you. 

          On October 7, 2023, Hamas launched a coordinated attack on Israel from Gaza.  Thousands have been killed or wounded, a majority of them civilians.  In addition, Hamas has taken an estimated 200 people hostage, including an unconfirmed number of American citizens.  Since the attack, I have received regular, direct updates from the White House and worked with the United States Department of State to assist Illinoisans immediately impacted by this tragedy. 

         No cause or grievance justifies the deliberate killing of innocent civilians.  For too long, this protracted conflict has inflicted untold suffering on innocent Israelis and Palestinians.  

         As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I have long supported strong security funding for Israel, including for the Iron Dome defense system.  On October 16, 2023, I joined my Senate colleagues in introducing S. Res. 417, a resolution expressing solidarity with Israel in the wake of the attacks by Hamas.  On October 19, 2023, the Senate passed S. Res. 417 by a vote of 97-0.  As Congress continues work on determining funding levels for Fiscal Year 2024, I will carefully consider any supplemental funding request to assist Israel in defending itself from future attacks. 

          At the same time, I also have long pushed for a peaceful agreement that would provide a secure independent state for the Palestinians.  On October 18, 2023, I joined more than 30 of my Senate colleagues in sending a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, urging that the United States contribute humanitarian assistance to Gaza and the West Bank.  On the same day, President Biden announced the United States would be providing $100 million in humanitarian assistance to assist the Palestinian people.    

          I applaud President Biden for acting decisively to support Israel as it responds to these horrific acts of terror and taking swift action to provide clean water, food, hygiene support, medical care, and other essential needs to civilians in Gaza and the West Bank.  

          I will continue to monitor the situation closely and keep your concerns in mind should Congress consider measures regarding this crisis.

          Thank you again for contacting me.  Please feel free to keep in touch.