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The following snipets are samples of messages sent to Palestinian establishments and individuals.

Long Messages to Government

Subject:	The PEIS Plan - a unique plan to create a New Palestinian country

First of all, I stand with the people of Palestine for your yearning to have a real and proud country, unhampered by Israel. The PEIS Plan, described in my new book, "A Frog-In-The-Well Solution - The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: How the PEIS Plan will resolve this conflict once and for all" (published on 10/16/23) has a roadmap for such a country. Please browse the book synopsis below:

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The PEIS Plan:
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is deemed the most intractable conflict in modern times: Every plan since the mid-20th century comes to dead ends. This book introduces a novel solution that can resolve this conflict once and for all. The "deus ex machina" in this book is the introduction of the Sinai Peninsula.

Egypt would sell the "bad" part of the Sinai Peninsula to the Palestinians; the Palestinians would combine that purchase with the Gaza Strip to create a contiguous, two-seas-access new nation alongside Israel but 50% bigger; the Israelis would purchase the West Bank from the Palestinians to achieve their yearn for the "Land of Israel", and give the Palestinians the means to purchase their portion of the Sinai Peninsula.

The PEIS Plan stands for the Palestine-Egypt-Israel-Sinai peace plan.

This book summarizes the current conflict, describes the solution, and explains why the Egyptians, Palestinians, Israelis, and the other parties in the conflict such as the Bedouins and Islamic insurgents, should welcome the PEIS Plan, and how the PEIS Plan, in one stroke, would resolve the status of Jerusalem, the right of return of the Palestinian diaspora, the feud between Hamas and the Palestinian Administration, the Sinai insurgency against Egypt, and how Israel could ultimately afford to pay for this Plan to unify the country.
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If you see merits in this plan which will create an independent New Palestinian country separate from Israel while preserving all the cultural roots and residency in the West Bank, please forward it to the decision-makers in your administration.

To learn more about the PEIS Plan, please visit

Yours sincerely,
Doc Ngu