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"IKAR, a vibrant and dynamic community rooted in Los Angeles, has a powerful mission: to reanimate Jewish life and build a spiritual and moral foundation for a just and equitable society. With a fusion of piety and hutzpah, IKAR encourages personal, purposeful, and creative engagement in Jewish life, especially among young and disaffected Jews. Their reach extends globally, celebrating the vibrancy and diversity of the Jewish people. One remarkable initiative within IKAR is Standing Together. This grassroots movement mobilizes both Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel in pursuit of peace, equality, and social and climate justice. "

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03/20/24 Find the organization via Ms. Estrich's syndicated article on the Daily Herald.
03/21/24 Send introductory email to and
03/21/24 Post this X/Twitter post about the PEIS Plan tagging @IKAR_LA
03/21/24 Post a comment for the PEIS Plan on the Facebook reel about Sally Abed, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, and Alon-Lee Green, a Jewish Israeli, discussing their Standing Together initiative.