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Sobel Weber Associates, New York.



  • About Us:
    The principals in the agency are Nat Sobel and Judith Weber, who direct an in-house staff and work closely with a coterie of Hollywood film agents and co-agents in foreign countries throughout the world.
Submission guideline:
Please send a query letter first, briefly identifying yourself and giving a 1–2-page synopsis of your book...For nonfiction, email a proposal, including an outline and sample material, as well as relevant biographical and promotional information.

Reason for submission:

  1. Support for Vietnamese authors
  2. Access to Hollywood - could this book be made into a movie of a new genre, called "humanity fiction"? Like a science fiction movie that shows the future of current technologies, a humanity fiction movie offers an attainable future devoid of a current humanitarian issue. Such a movie may inspire this generation of politicians and citizens to make the first steps now.

01/08/2023: query emailed to

01/13/2023: receive rejection:
Thank you for your query letter. We’re sorry to report that we do not think we are the right agency to sell your work.
We wish you the best of luck in your continued search for representation.
Nat Sobel