Palestine Conflict - Query to Javelin

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  • Javelin story:
    At Javelin, our mission is to discover a new generation of storytellers and to help them tell stories worth remembering.
  • All its featured books seem to deal with political, current events or other scholarly topics.
Submission guideline:
Javelin’s mission is to discover great storytellers and to help them tell stories worth remembering. Because we give each of our authors close attention, we are highly selective with the literary projects we accept. As a result, we regrettably have to decline to represent a large number of proposals that have potential, but don’t quite meet our criteria for success. In addition, we represent non-fiction authors only.

Reasons for submission:

  1. DC agencies are reputed strong in political books.
  2. This agency is listed as one of the 6 most powerful book agents in DC.
  3. This agency represents non-fiction almost exclusively.
  4. The list of feature books fits the genre of this book.
01/21/2023: query emailed to