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Aevitas Creative Management, Washington D.C. / New York



  • About us:
    Aevitas Creative Management is a full-service literary agency, home to more than thirty agents in five cities (New York, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, London), representing scores of award winning authors, performers, thinkers, artists and public figures. Aevitas also provides high-level strategic communications consulting and original content development services to internationally renowned business, political, and cultural leaders, institutions, brands, and estates..

    Our mission is to help cultivate and promote stories, expertise, and insights that are timely and timeless; that are innovative and necessary; that spark debate and challenge conventional wisdom; that enlighten and entertain; that inspire meaningful conversation and propose groundbreaking ideas; that test and expand on literary conventions; and that bring people together, influence the culture in positive ways, and enable voices that might otherwise be silenced to be heard.

  • Featured Best Sellers books show almost political / current events / narrative non-fiction books.
Submission agent:

The Contact Us page contains the list of Aevitas agents that still accept submissions (all via QueryManager).

The History & Narrative NonFiction page lists the names and short bios of agents in that team.

Michael Signorelli appears in both lists.

Reasons for submission:

  1. DC agencies are reputed strong in political books.
  2. This agency is listed as one of the 6 most powerful book agents in DC.
  3. This agency has represented public figures.
  4. This agency is knowledgeable in Foreign Rights, Film & Television rights, and Audio Rights.
01/21/2023: query submitted to Michael Signorelli via QueryManager.