Ukraine Conflict - The CUTTR Plan Summary - Contacts

As noted in the first Contacts page, sending the CUTTR Plan digest to various recipients has not been successful.

Below are my attempts to again contact individuals and institutions to introduce them to the CUTTR Plan, but this time using the CUTTR Plan summary.

03/23/22Op-Eds EditorsWall Street Journale-mailRequest for publication
03/24/22Hein Goemansrochester.edue-mailRequest for comments from article
Sarah Crocoumd.edue-mail
Michael Josephucsd.edue-mail
Alex Weisigerupenn.edue-mail
Thomas Dolanucf.edue-mail
Page Fortnacolumbia.edue-mail
03/28/22Adam RobertsThe Economiste-mailRequest for comments
03/28/22Holman JenkinsWall Street Journale-mailRequest for comments from article
03/28/22BuzzFeed PitchBuzzFeede-mailRequest for publication
03/29/22Laura CasadoBusiness Insidere-mailBlog submission
03/29/22Jennifer EumBusiness Insidere-mailOp-ed submission
03/29/22Turkish EmbassyTurkeye-mailRequest for escalation
03/30/22Julie ColemanBusiness Insidere-mailRequest for comments from article
03/30/22Peggy NoonanWall Street Journale-mailRequest for comments
03/30/22Chicago ConsulateLithuaniae-mailRequest for escalation